November 22nd, 2006

News 6


from: Labelinfo

Owing to the ongoing violation of the contract the licence agreement was cancelled
without prior warning in February 2003.
After an objection was filed on behalf of the licensee,
action against the notice of termination was pronounced in May 2003.
A judicial ruling is still pending.

Independent of this decision the last four productions of the label were completed
in 2004. As a result of these developments, continuation of the label is
no longer possible.

The lawsuit of the licensee against the summary dismissal of the licence agreement
was dismissed by judgement of May 15, 2006 at first instance by the district court.
The licensee Schleif filed an appeal against this decision at the Supreme Court of Appeal.
During the hearing which took place on November 21, 2006 it was determined
that the termination of the licence agreement without notice on February 16, 2003 was justified.
The costs for both lawsuits have to be borne by the complainant Schleif.

Furthermore FMP-Publishing has given her until December 31, 2008
to sell off her remaining stock of FMP CDs.