September 6th, 2012

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Homage to Hans Reichel

Hans Reichel was recipient of the Art Award for Music of the Wuppertal Stadtsparkasse, presented to him in 1998 by a jury of distinguished members.

The jury consisted of:
Professor Helga de la Motte-Haber, Institute for Musicology,
Technical University Berlin
Walter Fähndrich, composer, musician, university lecturer for Improvisation
at the Basel Academy of Music, Brissago, Switzerland
Stefan Klieme, deputy musical director, Wuppertal
Professor Dieter Kreidler, Dean of the Cologne University of Music,
Wuppertal department
Dr. Bert Noglik, freelance writer, Leipzig

„Hans Reichel has never allied himself with current fashions, loud noise, merely spectacular things, has always researched, practised and played on his own, almost as a recluse. What we find fascinating about him is not least the unassuming way he brings his individually developed sounds into the world. Almost as if this was just one of the many jobs to be done, maybe not even one of the most necessary ones. Yet it is something which manages to quietly touch us, continuously enthral us, leaving a lasting impression“.
Bert Noglik

At the beginning of the 1980’s, Reichel invented an entirely new bowed instrument, the Daxophone, which he played regularly and for which he composed special music which has been released on CD. The instrument consists of a small wood block to which different wooden tongues can be attached, the shapes of which determine the tone colours and pitch; the Daxophone is played with a violin bow, creating onomatopoetic sounds. For the Kronos Quartet, Reichel wrote the Daxophone piece »Namakemono«, which was first performed with the four musicians in 1997. Reichel played concert tours in more than 40 countries in North America, Europe and Southeast Asia.

On 22 November last year, Hans Reichel died, one of the most creative figures in improvised music. Above all, he made history with the invention and masterful playing of the Daxophone. Friends and colleagues will meet in his honour and play a concert together, in memory of a great Wuppertal musician.
Paul Lovens (Austria), Rüdiger Carl (Frankfurt), Harro Eller (Wuppertal), Johannes Bauer (Berlin), Jan Kazda (Wuppertal), Sven-Åke Johansson (Berlin), Hans Koch (Switzerland), Wolfgang Schmidtke (Wuppertal), Werner Dickel (Wuppertal), Wädi Gysi (Switzerland), Eckard Koltermann (Herne), Ganesh Anandan (Berlin), Uchihashi Kazuhisa (Japan), Carlos Zingaro (Portugal), Mitch Heinrich (Wuppertal), Gunda Gottschalk (Wuppertal), and other.

Friday, September 21, 2012, 8 pm
Café Ada
Wiesenstraße 6, 42105 Wuppertal
Admission: 15 €