UHLKLANG (UK-Numbers) 1983 - 1991

UK 6
Music Is Music Is…
King Übü Örchestrü

King Übü Örchestrü

Wolfgang Fuchs-sopranino saxophone, bass clarinet;
Erhard Hirt-guitar;
Paul Lytton-drums;
Radu Malfatti-trombone, pipapo;
Guido Mazzon-trumpet;
Norbert Möslang-soprano saxophone, contra-bass clarinet;
Hans Schneider-double bass;
Philip Wachsmann-violin, electronics;
Alfred Zimmerlin-violin cello with different pick-ups

Recorded by Jost Gebers on December 22nd & 23rd,1984 at
the Akademie der Künste in Berlin. Mixed by Jost Gebers.
Produced by Wolfgang Fuchs, Erhard Hirt and Jost Gebers.

SIDE A: 1 Short pieces-someone's missing (19:29)
                a -(1:14)
                b -(2:43)
                c -(4:34)
                d -(4:02)
                e -(3:46)
                f -(0:28)
                g -(1:57)
SIDE B: 1 So is this (20:41)
All pieces are improvised by the örchestrü

COVER: Artwork by Max Neumann. Layout by Wolfgang Fuchs.

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