FMP-RECORDS (SAJ-Numbers) 1974 - 1991

Johnny Rondo Duo
plus Mike Cooper

Johnny Rondo Duo plus Mike Cooper

Lol Coxhill-soprano saxophone;
David G. Holland-piano;
Mike Cooper-guitar

Recorded live by Jost Gebers on May 3rd,1980 at the Flöz in Berlin.
Music edited by the musicians.
Mixed and produced by Jost Gebers.

Liner notes: David G. Holland (nur in englisch)

SIDE A: 1 Russian dance (Holland) 5:10
             2 Flöz variations (Holland/Cooper/Coxhill) 3:35
             3 Frog dance (Coxhill) 1:39
             4 Caucasian splinter mystery (Holland) 3:20
             5 Flöz variations V (Holland/Cooper/Coxhill) 8:09
SIDE B: 1 Scales (Holland) 6:43
             2 Flöz variations VI (Holland/Cooper/Coxhill) 4:18
             3 Flöz variations VII (Coxhill) 2:18
             4 Flöz variations VIII (Holland) 0:57
             5 Russian dance/reprise (Holland) 7:16

COVER: Design by David Holland and Lol Coxhill.
Photographs by Dagmar Gebers.
REMARK: All Music Guide: 3 Stars

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