FMP-RECORDS (FMP-Numbers) 1969 - 1991

FMP 0870
Ach was!?

Ulrich Gumpert-piano;
Radu Malfatti-trombone & pipapo;
Tony Oxley-drums, amplified violin, live electronics

Recorded live by Jost Gebers on March 28th,1981
at the Flöz in Berlin. Music edited by the musicians.
Produced by Jost Gebers.

SIDE A: 1 Luft gebacken (11:20)
             2 Ach was!? (10:15)
SIDE B: 1 Kookin' at Charly's (20:15)
All compositions by Gumpert/Malfatti/Oxley

COVER: Design and photographs by Dagmar and Jost Gebers.

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