With the completion and delivery for publication of the FMP productions CD 125 to CD 128 in 2004 the work of the label with regards new productions is terminated.
Owing to insufficient promotion and marketing, unfortunately only the originally agreed numbers could be achieved over the last years.
Other productions, already planned und in some cases with completed masters remain unpublished, including tapes with recordings of:
Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky Selbdritt Ensemble
(New edition of old and unpublished recordings from 1998)
Peter Brötzmann / Die Like a Dog Quartet
(Unpublished recordings from 1994)
Xpact / King Übü Örchestrü
(New edition / compilation / also with unpublished material from 1984)
Ulrich Gumpert / Günter Sommer
(New edition of old and unpublished recordings from 1998)
Rüdiger Carl / Hans Reichel / Jin Hi Kim / Carlos Zingaro
(Unpublished recordings from 1999)
Ulrich Gumpert Workshop Band
(New edition / compilation)