FMP/FREE MUSIC PRODUCTION - An Edition of Improvised Music 1989-2004


Alexander von Schlippenbach


JUNE 26th, '88

When Taylor plays, most drummers don't get too much of a look-in.

In fact, just the incredible speed of his approach, the thread of which never gets lost, where the tension, even at the critical turning points in the music never seems to let up, necessitates a high degree of so-called "mental and physical presence".

Among Lovens' most striking qualities is a special sensitivity and flexibility for grasping whats going on as a pre-condition for his extraordinary quick-wittedness and expertise, which he is prepared to use in each and every way. Also in other respects, being so well-equipped, he can just slide into the playing, pushing, in the way he follows Taylor, allowing the pianist, in his turn to catch hold, and make use of what Lovens has diverted from his own (Taylor's) previous offerings.

And so it goes, on their first and till now, only appearance together, as if they'd never done anything else.

A long and thorough preparation, and then with a steady hand... Go for it!

Very simple!

Translation: Paul Lytton

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