FMP/FREE MUSIC PRODUCTION - An Edition of Improvised Music 1992-2004






Phil Minton-voice;
John Butcher-tenor and soprano saxophone;
Erhard Hirt-guitar, electronics

Piece 1 recorded on June 25th, 1995 at Musique Action,
Vandœuvre lès Nancy.
Piece 2 recorded by Michael W. Huon on August 5th, 1995 at
Free Music Festival, Antwerpen. Mastered by Peter Cusack.
Produced by John Butcher and Erhard Hirt

Liner notes: Markus Müller. Translation: Allison Plath-Moseley & Nils Plath

1 VANŒUVRE - 26:21
   1st part - 3:57
   2nd part - 2:20
   3rd part - 9:34
   4th part - 5:20
   Zugabe - 5:10

2 ANTWERPEN - 28:47
   1st part - 3:24
   2nd part - 20:54
   3rd part - 4:29
All compositions by Phil Minton, John Butcher and Erhard Hirt

BOOKLET: Artwork: Jochen Twelker. Layout: Matthias Grunert.
Photos: Raymond Mallentjer
REMARK: Special thanks to Peter Cusack, Matthias Grunert,
Fred Van Hove, Raymond Mallentjer, Markus Müller, Nils Plath,
Allison Plath-Mosley, Dominique Repecaud, Jochen Twelker. E. H.
REMARK: All Music Guide: 3 ½ Stars

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