FMP/FREE MUSIC PRODUCTION - An Edition of Improvised Music 1989-2004



Manfred Schulze Bläserquintett


Manfred Schulze Bläserquintett

Manfred Schulze- baritone saxophone;
Dietmar Diesner-reedinstruments;
Manfred Hering-reedinstruments;
Heiner Reinhardt-reedinstruments;
Johannes Bauer-trombone

Recorded live by Jost Gebers on May 2nd,1985 during Grenzüberschreitungen
in Wuppertal (Nummer 12) and on July 18th, 1986 at the FMP-Studio in Berlin.
Mixed by Jost Gebers. Mastered by Jonas Bergler.
Produced by Jost Gebers

Liner notes: Bert Noglik. Translation: Isabel Seeberg & Paul Lytton

1 Viertens - 12:47
2 B-A-C-H - 15:42
3 Nummer 12 - 40:02
All compositions by Manfred Schulze

BOOKLET: Design/Layout: Manfred Kussatz. Coverphoto: Medienzentrum
Wuppertal/Antje Zeis-Gerd Neumann. All other photos: Dagmar Gebers
REMARK: New CD edition/compilation of the LPs FMP FMP 1090 & FMP 1230,
on basis of the original recording tapes.
REMARK: Penguin Guide to Jazz on CD: 3 ½ Stars. All Music Guide: 4 ½ Stars

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