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September Band


September Band

Hans Reichel-guitar, daxophone;
Shelley Hirsch-voice, lyrics;
Rüdiger Carl-accordion, clarinet;
Paul Lovens-percussion

Recorded live by Daniel Koskowitz, Francois Dietz & Francois Cacic
on May 14th, 1994 during the Musique Action festival at the Centre
Culturel in Vandœuvre-les-Nancy/France. Merci to Dominique
Répécaud for friendly support.
Mastered by Jonas Bergler. Produced by Jost Gebers

Liner notes: Markus Müller. Translation: Isabel Seeberg & Paul Lytton

1 That little door (a) - 14:07
2 That little door (b) - 11:35
3 The eye and the egg - 7:45
4 Chicken's little dick - 9:14
5 Back to reservation - 12:07
6 O là là, sans sous - 4:14
All compositions by Reichel/Hirsch/Carl/Lovens

BOOKLET: Artwork by Herr Goldbroiler having utilized photos by
Dagmar Gebers (front page) and Gérard Rouy
REMARK: All Music Guide: 4 Stars

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