FMP/FREE MUSIC PRODUCTION - An Edition of Improvised Music 1989-2004



Live in Milwaukee and Chicago
Hans Reichel & Tom Cora


Hans Reichel & Tom Cora

Hans Reichel-guitars, daxophone;
Tom Cora-cello, cellodax

Tunes 1 & 2 recorded live by Paul Gaudynski at the WOODLAND PATTERN
on October 23rd, 1988 in Milwaukee.Tunes 3 & 4 recorded live by Leo
Krumpholz at the SOUTHERN MUSICWORKS on October 21st, 1988
in Chicago. Mastered by Jonas Bergler. Produced by Jost Gebers

Liner notes: Alex Varty. Übersetzung: Wulf Teichmann

1 Rest up, premonitions - 19:39
2 Miracles, to boot - 18:38
3 New neighbors - 13:01
4 Invitations to dance - 8:59
All compositions by Hans Reichel & Tom Cora

BOOKLET: Design/Layout: Hans Reichel
REMARK: Our special thanks to Chris de Chiara, Amy Denio and Bob Appel.
REMARK: Penguin Guide to Jazz on CD: 3 Stars. All Music Guide: 4 ½ Stars

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